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Top 10 tips for the smooth planning of a marquee wedding!

Are you considering a marquee venue for your wedding but not sure where to start?

Don’t worry, we realise that planning for your wedding should be a process as exciting, memorable and as treasured as the moment you exchange vows.

That’s why we’ve compiled our Top 10 Tips for smooth planning.

Read on for helpful tips, thoughts and insights!

Tip 1

The Setting

Marquee wedding settings

The location and setting of your proposed marquee site is a key factor in making your day as wonderful as it can be.

Marquees can be installed on most surfaces from concrete to turfed areas, fully flat to even those with a gradient. However, every surface needs to meet some important criteria.

What lies beneath? Depending on the size of the marquee and to ensure its safe installation, securing it beneath the surface might be required so it is vital that any marquee company you hire is aware of any pipes or cables which might be within a certain depth. This is especially the case with hard surfaces but it should also be a consideration with softer surfaces. Any reputable marquee company will have high standards of health and safety for both their clients and their team, and will ask these questions ahead of any proposed booking.

A marquee with a view – Whether your marquee sits proudly in a field or a back garden or on a patio, think about the view vantage point and how the positioning of your marquee can best benefit from the surrounding landscape. You might like to consider window walls in your marquee to maximise the view and natural light or even an entrance canopy or walkway.

 Marquee hill top wedding setting
What a view!

Tip 2

Size and Space

It’s important that the size and space of your proposed marquee area can accommodate all you would like from your marquee. Health and safety should be a priority for any marquee company and this being so, there will be a ratio between capacity and structure size.

Think about your proposed area and consider everything you would want the marquee to offer.

Marquee wedding venue with dancefloor and stage ready to dine and celebrate
Ready to celebrate!

It is not just the number of guests which need to be catered for but any additional features you might like such as a dancefloor, a bar, chill-out area, children’s entertainment area or a stage for your chosen band or DJ.

You can always make enquiries and any good marquee company will help guide you on this, offer a free, no obligation site visit and advise accordingly making positive suggestions for any required variations.

Tip 3

Time of year - Spring

Your expectations of a marquee are likely to be associated with the time of year you have chosen to wed. Depending on the season, the requirements for your marquee may vary.

Spring marquee wedding

During spring, you might want to take advantage of the pops of colour beginning to appear by including a feature walkway and more window walls. It can still be a little crisp at this time of year making heating options a consideration as well as glass doors.

Tip 4

Time of Year - Summer

Summer weddings

A summer marquee might want to be more open to effectively blend with any surrounding land, providing opportunity for making the most of warmer, longer days and more light.

A turfed veranda enclosed in a picket fence border is always a beautiful addition for a summer wedding, providing additional entertainment/chill-out space and a beautiful spot for capturing the best of those long days and stunning evening skies.

Tip 5

Time of year – Autumn/Winter

Winter wedding ideas

Autumn/Winter will require more heating and lighting. Glass doors will also help to keep heat in and the cold out, creating a shield between your warm and cosy marquee venue and any wintery elements beyond.

An important consideration for any autumn/winter booking is to check if the marquee company have an adverse weather policy in place.

Marquees are outdoor, temporary structures which means that severe weather conditions such as extremely strong winds and heavy snow could pose a risk to health and safety for you and your guests as well as the marquee team.

It’s advisable to ask any company how such weather could impact on your booking, and what the refund or booking transfer policy would be in the unfortunate event that the weather prevents installation on the booked date.

It should definitely be something to discuss with your marquee company but it shouldn’t be something to put you off exploring the idea of an autumn/winter wedding, especially if this is your preferred time of year.

We’ve thought of every marquee essential for different times of the year and compiled them into our Spring, Summer and Autumn/Winter packages.

Take a look at our Seasonal Packages priced for 2023 here to help guide on costings and options.

Tip 6

Use an Experienced Marquee Company

Marquee design and installation is a skilled profession. To guarantee the smoothest process it is really important to use a company with a strong and positive reputation who have the skills and the knowledge to realise your dream wedding venue.

When looking for the best company for you read any feedback comments from previous couples, have a thorough look through their website giving attention to their background, experience and founding story.

Most marquee companies will have a visual portfolio on their website but you might like to see more specific or more recent images which a company should be more than happy to email to you…just ask!

Asking questions is always advised but you might not be aware of the most important ones to ask, especially if you have no previous experience of marquee venues. Keep reading for our 3 key questions to ask your marquee company.

Tip 7

Key Question 1 to ask your marquee company

What additional items do you supply and if you don’t supply the style we would like, do you work with other suppliers who might be able to help?

Check what the company has available in addition to the marquee. Many will also

supply various items of furniture, and images of these should be openly available to send to you.

If your specific style is not offered directly by the company, they should have positive working relationships with various suppliers who they can suggest.

If you would prefer to liaise direct with their suggested supplier then you can request the suppliers’ details. However if you would rather avoid juggling several different bookings, ask the marquee company if they can manage any additional bookings on your behalf.

Tip 8

Key Question 2 to ask your marquee company

Would you be able to send us a copy of your insurance certificate?

It might not be something you would consider asking, but it is very important to ensure that any company you enquire with has up-to-date and relevant public liability insurance.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with requesting a copy of the insurance certificate for your reassurance, and any professional, reputable company would be happy to share this with you.

Tip 9

Key Question 3 to ask your marquee company

Would it be possible to arrange a site visit?

A site visit is a great way for you to meet with a member of the marquee team and to discuss your ideas in person while on the proposed marquee area. It is also very useful for any marquee company, and gives them the opportunity to see the size and potential of the site.

A site visit should always be free and there should not be any pressure or obligation to book.

A bespoke quote, fully tailored to any discussions should be sent to you following any in person meeting.

Tip 10


It’s likely that any site chosen for a marquee won’t have immediate access to the required facilities in the same way as an all-inclusive venue.

When you are making catering enquiries, make sure your potential caterer can provide answers to the below questions.

  • Are you able to provide a service tent with lighting, tables and generator or would we need to request this from the marquee company?

  • What access requirements will you need?

  • How much set-up time would you need once the marquee has been installed?

  • Would we be able to provide the marquee company with your details so that they can liaise with you regarding any required power outputs, timings and set-up?

We hope you have found our Top 10 Tips helpful.

Your wedding, your journey, your way!


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