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Introducing Dean of Elite Event Hire...

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Being in events, it’s an important part of our ethos to ensure that every event and every celebration runs as smoothly and as magically as possible.

While our work begins pre-event and we are not usually there on actual event dates, we place a lot of value on the process of our installations being the starting point of all components which contribute to success (venue, floristry, catering, entertainment, schedulers and management and many more).

A part of that process is working closely alongside various suppliers, and we’re very lucky in that we work with some great ones who are always ready and willing to help out including Elite Event Hire.

Here Dean gives us his thoughts on trends and popular offerings.

Elite Event Hire started as Elite Sound in 2011, what would you say have been the main trends in the events industry over the last decade?

Having been in the industry for 20 years now, it has certainly been interesting to see what trends have come and gone, some are even a main stay now. The days of chair covers and sashes are gone as clients push more into a style of chairs as an alternate.

We pride ourselves on having been one of the first companies to offer light-up letters in early 2014. Light-up letters have now really established themselves as a must at any event as a ‘name in lights’ option.

Light-up dancefloors have also grown in popularity in recent years, with white being the preferred option for weddings and black for corporate.

As we are the only regional supplier of our one-of-a-kind ‘digital dance floor’ it definitely helps to keeps us ahead of the game in the market.

Which popular trends do you predict over the coming two years?

Without a doubt rustic is very much the vibe going forward. We offer a vast range of farmhouse furniture such as cross-back chairs, benches, folding chairs all complimented with farmhouse tables, rustic Love Letters and different tones of oak parquet dance flooring.

We are certainly seeing clients pushing towards festival/DIY weddings to create their own stamp on their big day.

What is the most popular light display or furniture piece you supply?

Our Farmhouse range has definitely been the most popular style enquired about across 2022. So much so that despite having doubled our stock in this range, we still struggle to meet the demand.

We will definitely be looking to increase this area in 2023 as the trend will likely continue for the next few years.

How do you think the industry has responded to post-Covid times and what impact do you think this has had on organisers, suppliers and event-goers?

Without question Covid hit the events industry in a massive way, and unfortunately we saw a lot of our fellow companies fail due to lack of support with the inability to trade. Those fortunate to come through the pandemic have certainly seen a surge in work, mainly due to the amount of events which were put back. We have certainly hit the ground running since the summer of 2021.

Although Covid is still with us, we must all get back to normality. Life is for living in our opinion, and living involves celebrations and good times!

What has been the most creative or unusual package you have put together?

We have been fortunate to work in some incredible locations and with wonderful people who certainly keep us on our toes. Our products have appeared on various TV programmes such as Emmerdale, and Good Morning Britain amongst others. We were recently involved in a new production for ITV based on the story of the Yorkshire Ripper. This involved transforming an existing Leeds working men’s club into a 70’s nightspot using traditional parquet flooring and 70’s style lighting. What has been the best event you have been to?

It’s hard to pinpoint one event in particular, but in recent months I would say that TikTok’s Black History Month in London was great. Of course being behind the scenes on TV productions is amazing and brilliant too!

Many thanks to Dean of Elite Event Hire for sharing his insights with us.

For your next event, take a look at how we could help design your marquee.



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